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    MicroGroms  Surf  Club  SA  Inc  runs  regular  surfing  contests  to  modified  Surfing  Australia  Rules  in  an  annual  competitive program. Contests will be held at locations which are considered contestable and suitable to the skill level of each Division.

    All Surfers  compete at their own risk  and as such are assumed to be competent surfers and swimmers, having  an  appropriate level of skill and experience for the conditions. No Surfer is compelled to surf but all members are given an opportunity to participate in the Club Contests.

    2017 Microgroms Junior Boardriders Surf Club Membership Registration

    Membership Fees A1 & A 2 grades:  $200.00  

    Membership Fees B & C grades:  $95.00  ($85.00 for all subsequent B and C grade family memberships)

    Optional Fees: $30.00 (Normally $55.00) for Membership to Surfing SA. (Please fill out SSA Form below)

    Note: This reduced fee is only applicable if registering with MicroGroms and that an individual Surfing SA Membership is included when registering for Development Squads.

    All members should read the club rules and competition rules available on our Member Info Page


    Option 1.  -  Register Online

    Using our online link below you can enter membership details and pay using your credit card.



    Option 2.   -   Electronic funds transfer

    To use the electronic funds transfer (EFT) option, simply download the form below, fill it in on your computer, then email it to us at:


    Click here to Download membership form

    MicroGroms Membership Form - 2017.pdf


    Option 3.   -   Print and pay at the next event

    To use the old fashion method of good old cash, simply download the form above, fill it out and bring it to the next comp, membership payment can be made directly to any of the comp directors.



    Thank you to our major sponsors!