Microgroms Junior Boardriders Surf Club

  ...is dedicated to kids who want to have fun competition surfing in South Australia.  We encourage all boys and girls up to 18 to have a go.  Our Club holds 10 events per year, challenging the surfers to compete against each other, the surf and the clock.  This competitive atmosphere pushes our members to develop their skills,  confidence and paddling strength in all surf conditions.



Club Focus

The club is focused on giving young South Australian surfers the skills to be competitive at the national and international level, creating a supportive environment where young surfers can enjoy surfing in competitions and meet other kids who love surfing too.  Many parents and kids make great friends with others who have a similar passion for surfing in a very family friendly environment.
MicroGroms run regular surfing competitions to modified Association of Surfing Professional Rules in an annual competitive program.  All members compete at their own risk and as such are assumed to be competent surfers and swimmers, having an appropriate level of skill and experience for the conditions.
The Club does not run competitions based on age, they are run on individual ability and confidence.  Members can compete in any division in which they choose, and whilst members are given the opportunity to participate in any of the Club competitions no one is compelled to surf if they feel the conditions are unsuitable to them.
Our club caters for all levels of experience and ability:
        C Grade - Beginners (white water)
        B Grade - Intermediate (green water)
        A Grade - intermediate (advanced/experienced)

Come and have a go, surfers can compete at their first competition without being a paid member!  (membership form required)


Microgroms is a:

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